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4 Acres, $65,000 US ($130,000 BZ)

A 4-acre homesite nestled on the outskirts of Bullet tree village. This parcel offers a great location and provides a sense of rural ambiance, with stunning views of the countryside overlooking the Mopan River valley and the surrounding area. It is partly cleared and fenced with a partially completed structure in the center of the property, consisting of a concrete first-floor and wooden second-floor. It is perfectly positioned atop the hill, acting as a vantage point for the entire estate. The structure already includes a staircase, galvanized metal roofing, and balcony but requires finishing, allowing the freedom of fitting out the home to fit one’s specific likes and needs. The parcel has road access on all four sides, allowing for easy accessibility to the property. Utilities are readily available while the main hub of downtown San Ignacio sits just minutes away, giving access to all daily needed amenities and commodities.

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