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27 Acres, $150,000 US ($300,000 BZ) A Superb 27 Acres Estate in the Rolling Countryside of Cayo District. Located in a popular and developing neighborhood along the northeast boundary of the Spanish Lookout community. This real estate opportunity offers an already developed property with a one bedroom home, access to utilities and within a few minutes of all the amenities. A workshop including a car ramp/ pit and a 2,000 sq. ft. steel shed are additional feature of this excellent real estate. The rolling acreage is equally meadowland and wooded forests with the home sitting on a knoll overlooking the land and a ridge along the back featuring views over the surrounding area. The developments on this parcel make it an attractive possibility for a fast move-in-option. The possibilities are immense making it a solid investment. Take advantage of this deal and enjoy the true meaning of countryside living.
Ten Acres of this property is availble independently at a very reasonable price. 

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